Independent Novelist and avid daydreamer.

T. E. Ridener

Vampires, Demons, Ghosts-Oh my!

Current Works - In - Progress

Books that are nearing completion and getting one step closer to publication! 

Title: Brody Go Back

Series: N/A


Genre: M/M Romance, Time Travel

Release Date: TBA

Title: The Ice King's Heart

Series: The Descendants Series #3


Genre: Fantasy Romance

Release Date: TBA

Title: Liam Loved

Series: The Kadenburg Shifters Series


Genre: M/M, Paranormal Romance

Release Date: TBA

Title: Saving Maureen

Series: Divine Sacrifice Trilogy #2


Genre: Fantasy Romance

Release Date: TBA

Title: Blood Resurrection

Series: The Blood Betrayal Series #3


Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Release Date: TBA

Future Titles 

These are titles I'm working on/hope to be working on in the future. 

Blood Betrayal: Vinnie (Mini-Book #3)

Blood Betrayal: Delilah (Mini-Book #4)

Reclaiming Kadenburg (Kadenburg Shifters Series #5)

Untitled Mermaid Story!

Better Days (Prairie Town Series #5)

Eros Intervenes

Keeping Phoebe (Caldova #2)

Untitled Chartreuse #3

Untitled Witch Story!

Untitled Kadenburg Prequel Novella 


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