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T. E. Ridener

Vampires, Demons, Ghosts-Oh my!

The Blood Betrayal Series
by T.E. Ridener

     The Blood Betrayal Series follows the lives of Jude Dornfeld and his fangy friends (and foes) as they battle for blood, souls, and their freedom.  The fate of the world as we know it is in their hands.  The characters of Blood Betrayal started as role play characters many years ago, and they soon grew so loud that T.E. had no choice other than to write their story.  With some encouragement from her sister-in-law, Barb, and lots of brainstorming later, Blood Betrayal came to life on the pages of a word document with two mini-books and two sequels to follow.  Book 3 of the Blood Betrayal Series, titled Blood Resurrection, will be coming out by the end of 2017.

Blood Betrayal (Book 1) 

     Life as a vampire is way cooler than head-banging, flannel shirt wearing, music-loving Jude Dornfeld ever imagined. The eternal 27 year old was having the time of his life-or at least he thought he was-until he wandered off and made friends with the wrong crowd in the underground clubs of Chicago. Mistaken as an orphaned fledgling and blinded by lust, Jude is re-sired by the son of a power-hungry lunatic. The Cades have had a taste of the honey, but now they want the whole beehive.  

     Jude finds out the hard way that bending the rules with his new sire’s family isn’t taken as lightly as they were with his first sire, his true sire. Lilith, the first wife of Adam and the mother to all vampires and demons takes back what is rightfully hers; Jude. 

     Things become increasingly more difficult for the grunge-loving vampire when he realizes the Cades are coming for his family, and he’s left with no choice but to fight back with the help of his brother-childe Jamen, and his sister-child Vinnie. The friends he’s made along the way are called to arms, and unfortunately for Jude, so are his enemies. A war is coming in the vampire world. Will Jude be able to save his bloodline?

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Mirela and Her Vampire (book 1.5) 

     A bold move by author T.E. Ridener as she presents Mirela and Her Vampire, a stand-alone romance novel that will be incorporated into the Blood Betrayal series. It is not considered a part of the mini-book collection, but will exist as its own representation of the budding romance between two characters that play key roles in the upcoming sequel.
     As the youngest and unfavorable son of a power hungry lunatic, the eternal nineteen year old Brom Cade has found himself in a position he can’t quite get himself out of. He has spent the last five centuries trying to prove himself to a father who will never view him as anything but the reason for his wife’s death, as she died while giving birth to him.
     Mirela, a beautiful young woman who just turned eighteen, is the adopted granddaughter of a powerful gypsy chovexani-a witch, who only days before hand found herself in a perilous situation when she was abducted by the crazed hand of the Cade family, Fendrel. After hours of medieval torture and nearing the brink of death, Mirela was rescued by Brom after he had been threatened by her grandmother if she was not returned safely. In order to save her, Brom killed Fendrel- consciously betraying his father.
     Embarking on a dangerous journey that could ultimately end with their deaths, Brom struggles with what he is feeling for a human girl who is by all means forbidden to him. Mirela tries to deny the compassion she feels for the vampire, but it’s proving to be difficult. As the days pass and boundaries are pushed, they both begin to ponder the same question. What are they evading more? Certain death or love?

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Blood Revelations (book 2)   

     Problems!? Jude has a list of them!
The power hungry, bloodline killing Dane Cade is still recruiting vampires and witches to aid him in killing the most ancient and powerful bloodline to ever exist.  

     A new evil is making her presence known. Naamah has been strategizing to overthrow Lilith for centuries and there is only one thing standing in her way; the soul Lilith gave up in order to give life to the daughter she conceived with the archangel Samuel. 

     Hell is in a mysterious lock-down and souls are returning to their cold, dead bodies. 

     Jude finds allies and enemies in unlikely places as he races to save his sire and tries to remain alive. Well, as alive as a vampire can be. 

     In an apocalyptic setting, Jude’s adventure continues in Blood Revelations. The stakes continue rising in the game of power and betrayal. Family trees will be uprooted and immortality will be threatened. Nothing will ever be the same.

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