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T. E. Ridener

Vampires, Demons, Ghosts-Oh my!

The Kadenburg Shifters Series
by T.E. Ridener

    Once upon a time, there was a woman who was absolutely obsessed with modern adaptations of famous fairy tales and myths.  After reading a mind blowing retelling of Cinderella, she thought to herself, "Hey, I can do that!"

     Of course she did try it, and wouldn't you know it did a complete 180 on her and turned into something else?  Thus, the Kadenburg Shifters Series came into play.

The Truth About Kadenburg follows a young woman named Presley Goult (her last name means gold) as she returns home to the miserable one horse town of Kadenburg, Tennessee.  It's the last place she wants to be, but she was left with no other choice when her tool of an ex-boyfriend kicked her out for something beyond her control.  When she goes back home, she runs into her old friend Lorcan Bamey (his name means Little Bear, in case you're wondering) and learns that his older brother Liam was killed only a few short weeks before.

     While authorities say that Liam Bamey was killed by a mountain lion, his family knows otherwise.  You see, his family (and Presley's) comes from a long line of ursithropes....they can shift into bears at will.  Lorcan is hell-bent on tracking down those responsible for his brother's death, and along the way he will make a surprising (and dare I say SHOCKING) ally.

     Presley is still trying to come to terms with the events in her life, and it won't get any easier when the flame that once burned in her soul for Lorcan is rekindled.  On top of that, she's getting chased by werewolves and she has to deal with the fact, she can in fact, shift into Winnie-The-Pooh whenever she wants to.

     With impending danger looming in the distance, you're going to be very curious to know how it plays out.

The Truth about Kadenburg (book 1)  

     26 year old Presley Goult's life is anything but ordinary. Her mother abandoned her as a toddler after her father’s death, leaving Presley to be raised by the only family she has left-her uncle Arnold. After years of being away she returns heartbroken and devastated knowing this is the last place she wants to be. Unbeknownst to her, Kadenburg is not your ordinary town. There are secrets that have been kept from Presley for her own good. Will she find out the truth of who she is and the part she will play in the war that is about to erupt before it is too late to save everyone that she loves?
     28 year old Lorcan Bamey was Presley's best friend growing up. He has always been there for her when she needed a friend and someone to lean on. Although he has always wanted more from Presley, rules are rules and he was forbidden to express his interest in having a relationship with her. You see, his upbringing was very different from most of the boys in town; the female must make the choice. It is part of Urseth’s law; laws that Presley will soon discover when her uncle finally decides to be honest about their ancestry.
     Will Presley accept the truth about Kadenburg, and herself, in time to save her people?

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Return to Kadenburg (book 2) 

     With four missing persons and witnesses who refuse to talk, Kadenburg’s sheriff finds himself in a bind on what to do. Swallowing his pride and biting the figurative bullet, he calls for back-up. His son, 29 year old Rutley Holter hesitantly returns to town to rejoin the family business; hunting werewolves.

     Rutley never intended to return to Kadenburg, but it soon becomes personal when he discovers his best friend was murdered by the sniveling mutts his father believes to be responsible for the disappearance of Lorcan Bamey, Presley Goult, Greg Kress, and Dimitri Fridolf.

     While searching for familiar faces, Rutley has a chance encounter, and consciously rescues, the one thing he was raised to kill; Dimitri the werewolf. It isn’t long before he begins to experience an inner battle of loyalty and the line between right and wrong starts to blur.

     Being threatened by Breslin Connor is the least of Lorcan and Presley’s worries. As they struggle to find normalcy in an incredibly extraordinary town, they will come face to face with demons from their pasts and ponder over an uncertain future. Will their love for one another truly conquer all?

     New characters and adventures will emerge in book 2 of the Kadenburg Shifters Series. Prepare yourself for laughter, tears, and nail-biting suspense as you re-enter the most magical little town in Tennessee.

     Welcome back.

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The Siege of Kadenburg (book 3) 

     When you live in a town like Kadenburg, you’re just looking for trouble if you ask “Could it get any worse?”
     No one has seen hide nor hair of Breslin Connor in over a month, and Presley begins to feel safe. With her future looking a little brighter, she finally allows herself to relax and enjoy being back in the place she’s belonged all along, with the man she was meant to be with. However, as the old adage says, ‘All good things must come to an end.’
     Presley starts having dreams about Lorcan’s deceased brother and he claims she is a ‘chosen one’ of Urseth. He reveals the past to her and the truth about why her father really died on that fateful night so many years ago. She soon discovers that everyone’s destiny has been carefully interwoven with the fate of Kadenburg, and she’s right in the middle of it.
     No one is safe. New and shocking faces alike emerge from the darkness, causing the ursithropes to question who they can trust in the town they’ve always called home. Boundaries will be tested, lines will be crossed, and the humans will become suspicious. Will Presley and her family be able to stop Breslin’s loyal pack from claiming Kadenburg? Or will the sadistic werewolf finally get what he wants…including her?

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Kadenburg Revealed (book 4) 

     Christmastime is just around the corner and the ursithrope residents are going to celebrate the beloved holiday no matter what dangers lurk nearby. No one is more excited than panda-shifter Louisa Xiong, who is eagerly waiting to experience her first American holiday. 

     Presley is looking forward to the possibility of meeting her brother-but not all reunions will be as welcomed. A certain wolfy duo is still struggling to come to terms with something that took place not so long ago, and they must settle upon an agreement of where they stand with one another-just an alpha and a beta, or more? 

     Breslin Connor may be out of sight, but he isn’t out of mind. Everyone knows he’ll be back eventually and though they all yearn for a white Christmas, the truths they’re about to discover may turn Kadenburg red.

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