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T. E. Ridener

Vampires, Demons, Ghosts-Oh my!

The Prairie Town Series

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180 Days (Prairie Town #1)

Lydia McIntosh left her old life behind when she said goodbye to Prairie Town, North Carolina and started over halfway across the country with her beloved Gran; away from her family, away from everyone who knew the person she once was, and from the identity she never quite wanted in the first place. When her grandmother passes away, she returns home and while she only intends to stay for the funeral, her grandmother has other plans, from the grave. Her will states that Lydia must remain in Prairie Town for six months in order to give her family and her old town a chance to get to know the new her, the real her.

Lydia has had years to adjust to long hair, summer dresses, and nail polish, but she understands her family will need time to get reacquainted with a daughter they’ve never known and a sister they’ve missed terribly. Anticipating the worst, as she always has, Lydia’s feelings about her old town begin to change when she meets her brother’s best friend, Callum. Callum is kind and more accepting than she could have ever imagined and she’s falling for him.

When her 180 days are over, will she be able to say goodbye to the family she’s missed so much? Will she survive her mother’s endless intolerance? Can she really leave the man who acknowledges her past and still wants her?

A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is a story about a transgender girl and her journey to acceptance and love when she returns to her hometown. Within the pages of this book you will be introduced to characters who color outside the lines and that's just how they like it. I implore you to give them a chance because we are all beautiful and unique in our own ways, and we all deserve love and happiness.

90 Days (Prairie Town #2)

While her sister and future brother-in-law prepare for their wedding day, which is set to happen in three months, 24-year-old Laney McIntosh is barely holding her life together by a thread.

She’s been forced to fake a smile for months for the sake of her family, but she isn’t so sure she can do it anymore. There are secrets she has kept and they will threaten to shatter the picture-perfect status they’ve finally achieved since her sister’s return. Through the ever-growing darkness in her mind there is one beacon of light that shines brighter than the rest: Benji, one of her sister’s best friends. Benji Palmer is a transgender man and he has his share of demons, but what he feels for Laney has only been growing stronger since the moment he met her. Despite his own struggles he wants nothing more than to make Laney happy and he’s determined to heal her heart.

A lot of things can happen in 90 days.

Good things.

Bad things.

Crazy things.

Beautiful things.

Will Laney and Benji finally get the happily-ever-after they’ve always wanted?

-----Author's Note-----

This is book 2 in the Prairie Town Series.

Book 1, 180 Days, is now available.

The Lost Days (Prairie Town #3)


Kelly Spencer has learned the ropes of being a single mom, but sometimes it’s still a little overwhelming, and very lonely. There are moments when she thinks she’s ready to try the whole dating thing again, but she is hesitant because of her children.


Devin Rose doesn’t remember who he used to be, but he’s heard the stories. All he wants is to move forward and become the decent person he knows he can be, but it won’t be as easy as he initially thought. Through the darkness and confusion of his amnesia, Devin finds himself grasping at the first happiness he’s felt since the night of his accident.


Nick Laveau returns to Prairie Town to help his estranged father with the family business, but he’s also looking for a second chance at happiness. He is searching for the two perfect puzzle pieces that will finally make him feel complete.


They’re all searching for something and they’re about to discover more than any of them bargained for. Perhaps three hearts really can love each other fully, equally, and withstand the curveballs life hurdles their way.

-----Author's Note-----
This is book 3 in the Prairie Town Series.
Book 1, 180 Days, and book 2, 90 Days, are now available.

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