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T. E. Ridener

Vampires, Demons, Ghosts-Oh my!

The Descendants Series
by T.E. Ridener

     There's a rather funny story behind the creation of the Descendants Series.  T.E. was certain she had been writing Paranormal this entire time, so she set out to see if she could write fantasy for a change.  Thus, the Descendants Series was born with The Fire King's Daughter, and it has birthed a sequel, The Water King's Bride, since then.  A third book in the series entitled The Ice King's Heart is anticipated for release in late 2016.  

     The Descendants Series follows the lives of Heidi of Maltasia and Isaiah of Icardia.  She is the princess of Fire, a descendant of the Sun; he is the prince of Ice, a descendant of the Moon.  Together, they are thrust into a world of trouble when the Darksygg try to overtake their thrones.  Their lives are put in peril countless times, and somehow, in the end, they manage to find one another.  

     The Descendants Series is considered New Adult, and along the way you'll find yourself rooting for Isaiah and Heidi as they discover inner strength, the meaning of loyalty, and most importantly; love.

The Fire King's Daughter (book 1) 

     At twenty years of age, Isaiah’s got a bright future ahead of him. He’s popular, he’s handsome, and all the ladies sigh when he walks by. Maybe it’s his smirk, or perhaps it’s the beautiful color of his eyes, but one thing is for sure-he is the coolest guy on campus.
     Heidi is a bit hot-headed, she can admit. She doesn’t have much patience when it comes to Isaiah’s ridiculous behavior. Her fuse is short and it doesn’t help when he’s always making snide remarks about her preference to read instead of going to parties. She’s nineteen and trying to find her way in the world, except there’s one minor detail that sets her apart from the average girl.
     Our world is not theirs. They are royalty. Isaiah is the prince of Ice and Heidi is the princess of Fire. In an effort to keep them safe when their kingdoms are attacked by unknown forces, their parents sent them to earth.
     For the time being, Heidi is stuck in North America with Isaiah, attending a small community college and attempting to blend in. It’s not as easy as humans make it seem. Worried about her father and their kingdom, Heidi has a difficult time adjusting to life on a foreign planet, and being with Isaiah doesn’t make it any easier.
     With new enemies entering their lives and old wounds being reopened, will Heidi and Isaiah be able to set aside their differences long enough to save their world? Will they be able to save ours?

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A Filha do Rei do Fogo (Portuguese Edition)  - Amazon 

The Water King's Bride (book 2)  

     The Water King’s Bride continues the journey of Isaiah and Heidi as they prepare to wage war against the Darksygg; rogue elementals who want to possess every power as their own. With Heidi’s father and townspeople missing, the brave princess is willing to do whatever it takes to save them-even if she must marry a man she doesn’t love.
     New characters will be introduced and beloved characters will return in this fast paced adventure in which both the Ice prince and Fire princess have matured a great deal since their visit to earth. Past mistakes still haunt them, present tensions peeve them, and future hopes drive their determination to defeat their newfound enemy and restore order to the universe.
     Gaia help them. They’re going to need it-especially when matters of the heart get involved.

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